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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Very Sad Story

There is a valley in Pennsylvania that was absolutely destroyed this past year by Cabot Oil and Gas, who made a horrible mistake and some of the fracking sludge got into the water table. It killed everything it touched - plants, water wildlife, and anything that came in contact with the water. It had previously been one of the most bio-diverse ecological systems in the entire state.

Well, the people who have been affected by this disaster have fought long and hard to hold on to their homes. They've had water delivered to their homes and have dealt with the toxic air quality.

Cabot was only able to drill vertical wells at Dimock, which are not as effective at extracting the gas. So now they've brought in 20 'mini-compressors' to help with the extraction process. The noise from the compressors is so loud, it's like standing next to a very loud blender on full power, and they run 24/7.

The people of Dimock realize they have lost their battle, and will have to leave their homes.

It's a very, very sad story. My heart goes out to you brave, brave people who have fought so hard!!!!

PLEASE Help Protect New York from this fate!!!!!!! Call your state senator and representative and them them this story!!

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