Water is our most Precious Resource

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Off to find Real News about the Gulf Oil Spill

Tomorrow I leave for the South, where I will be interviewing people about how the Gulf Spill is affecting their lives. I may or may not have time and access to post as I go, but you can look forward to what I call "Real News" in the weeks ahead.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Remember to grill Carbon Neutral!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Involved is What Matters

It's so easy to be disillusioned; disheartened; disenfranchised when you look this oily beast in the eye; they've got more money than the rest of the world combined. But tonight, I heard a few people say some things that put steam back in my sails and made me feel like I'm a part of something incredibly important.

The event was a fundraiser for David Sager, who is running for NY State Senate against a longtime, popular senator who has recently changed his tune from "Drill Baby Drill" to "Maybe Drill Next Year". And at first intro, most people say "Oh, he doesn't have a chance" and they write him off, even if they wish he could actually win.

But the reality is that Mr. Sager has the power of believers on his side; people who are fighting tooth and nail with him to prevent New York from becoming a disaster area; to lessen the painful burden of property taxes; and to deal with issues that have been ignored on the state level for too too long.

I felt fortunate to be in this room of people who are fighting so incredibly hard to protect New York. People who have taught me everything I know about hydrofracking... people who know how to make waves, who are well-connected, and who's passion and love for this area is overflowing.

Mark Ruffalo, the actor, was in attendance tonight and in his short speech he said about disheartened people, "Obviously they're not writing enough letters to their senators". What a great get-off-your-behind call to action! And he's perfectly right. It's a simple, fast thing that anyone can do and it makes a tremendous difference!

When David Sager got up to talk he said that his campaign may not be well-financed like his opponent's; but he's on the side of "right", and he's got the "right" people behind him. Looking around the room at the array of people, I had to agree with him. Maybe, in this case, Right Makes Might.

I listened to a man who talked about puttiong his money into creating a farm powered by renewable energy, and about how excited he is for the future of his young son. There was lots of conversation about how to link up the fight against carbon to the renewable energy industry; how to expand the coalitions of the grassroots behind a unified voice.

And may people talked about Wind power - how it's so successful some places, and yet we're doing so little with it when we have such great wind resources.

So .... there is an army of people working tirelessly to save our habitat. Really extraordinary people; not drones. You don't have to feel alone or helpless in this fight.... just do whatever you can to make a difference, and think of all the other people out there who are doing the same.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is Carbon Negativity?

When you use carbon (ie, oil, coal, gas) you're called "Carbon Positive". People who are carbon positive drive cars, use oil for heat, propane for hot water and grilling, etc. When you don't use any carbon, you're called "Carbon Neutral". These tend to be people who live in net-zero homes, it's a very new concept. And, when you don't use carbon but offset it with renewable energy, you're called "Carbon Negative".

There's an island in Denmark which produces 150% the energy it needs, and sells back that extra 50% (of completely renewable energy) to the grid, netting $6 million per year. For a community of 4,500 people, that's not bad income!!! $1,333 per person per year to be exact.

Why isn't the US leading the pack in Carbon Negativity? It's not like we lack the resources, or the technology, or the manpower... why are we dying a slow, painful death of carbon overload when we could be doing the exact opposite? Like this tiny little community of Danish farmers?

It's time to get yourself off oil. And gas, and everything in between. I have a consultation business in which I help people to live more sustainably, and I can help you change simple things in your life to tread more softly on the earth. Please visit http://www.worldlyvibe.com/sustainability.html.

Isn't it time to change?

The picture above is of a Windmill Expanse in Andalusia, Spain. It's owned and operated by a German energy company, who brings the energy back to Germany. Not ideal - but a start. And that's what we need - someone with the guts to just start the process of changing our reality from a carbon-based energy system to a renewable energy system.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can You Commit to Change?

Every person I talk to about the Gulf Oil Spill is just sick to their stomach. Horrified; despondent; at their wits end. To me, the back room deals between the regulators and the oil companies and the 3rd party outfitters (Read: Halliburton) are an example of the grandest theft our country has ever seen. Theft of our heritage; our economy; our natural resources. We all ask, "When will this end?" and yet .... nothing changes.

Just the other day, 6 weeks into the oil spill, there was a horrific hydrofracking accident in Pennsylvania which spilled ONE MILLION GALLONS of toxic, deadly hydrofracking fluid into the environment. It was reported in the local paper and that's it! Not a mention in any significant publications. Unthinkable irresponsibility on the part of the media, which of course is the norm.

Right now is a time to stand up and commit to yourself, your family, your country, that you will make a change. Switch from oil to wood heat. Trade your SUV for a Prius. Build a wood-burning BBQ pit. Stop using plastic. Talk to people... engage them in the fight. We have to take individual responsibility to reduce our fossil fuel usage NOW!!

I have been putting some time in helping a candidate for the New York Senate race who's main concern is how Hydrofracking will destroy our beloved state. His name is David Sager and he's running against John Bonacic in the 42nd district (who is pro-drilling). If you can imagine Barack Obama before he entered the senate, you might have a good impression of David - He's pure, he's got game, and his idealism is infectious! I urge you to visit his web site or Facebook page and catch him at any one of many events he'll be attending this year during his senate run.

It really IS time for change. Let's vote these fools out and usher in a new chapter of American history!!!