Water is our most Precious Resource

Friday, November 13, 2009

David and Goliath

All couple important developments on the NY Hydrofracking front - first, the NYDEC has extended the hearing period by 30 days, which of course is not much at all, but something. Hopefully it will give our cause enough time to organize a legal block to drilling until a true environmental impact study can be undertaken by the EPA at the national level.

There has been a tremendous amount of research done on both accidents and the wastewater. Apparently over time the DEC has not done a very good job at either investigating or disclosing accidents; I guess with the mindset that ignorance is bliss.

It has been discovered that there is radium-226 in the wastewater, a derivative of uranium with levels hundreds of times over what is acceptable for drinking water. Somehow, the DEC thinks that this is okay for New York Citizens. In another study, a researcher from Ithaca found 270 instances of "wastewater spills, well contamination, explosions, methane migration and ecological damage related to gas production in NY state since 1979". The DEC investigators somehow only found 60 of the 270 accidents; all others were reported by residents.

Imagine; if drilling is to go into effect on the scale that is proposed, how many accidents we can expect to happen, just in the next few years alone! Who could look at this information and think that our water will be fine??? Only people who are blinded by something else - lies, money, power.

Or, perhaps the planned destruction of our water supply IS their agenda? Because, you may or may not know that a gallon of water - when bought in smaller units such as a pint or liter, costs more than a gallon of gas at the pump. Perhaps they own Nestle water or some other water distribution outlet, and that is their real financial goal? This is worth checking out.

It's evident that Governor Patterson is blind in more than just one way. He actually thinks that hydrofracking will create income for our state. Whoever is advising him on this issue is drinking the Oil and Gas Lobby's kool-aid. With no plan for dealing with accidents or wastewater, and with accidents being as catastrophic as they are, it is negligence of the grandest order to allow this drilling to happen. It will kill this state financially, as well as ecologically.

And to that end, I am concentrating all of my energies on Governor Patterson now. He wants to run for governor again? Well, rest assured that there is not a chance in hell he will be re-elected. I personally will put all my energies and efforts into an independent run by Andrew Cuomo. Y'all thought Spitzer was bad? Run out of office for having sex? Well that will be nothing compared to what's going to happen to Patterson if he ruins our water supply and kills NY citizens slowly with radiation and chemical poisoning. Tarred and feathered would be a good beginning. Then, put him next to a 5 acre wastewater holding tank, and force him to live next to it so that he can die a slow and painful death with the rest of us.

I'll personally see to it that he has all the water he can possibly drink!

By the way, at the second DEC hearing this week in NYC, they only allowed 52 people to speak, out of 170 who signed up. This pretty much shows us how much they care about our comments.

My optimism from my last post has faded. Seems like it's going to be a true David and Goliath fight here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shocking Oil Discovery.....

Last week I read a headline that really got me laughing hard. It was an investment newsletter which I opt to receive because it's very anti-Obama (I like to hear all sides) and they write all kinds of interesting things about how to protect your millions from the Socialization of America, how to make more money and where to hide it, etc etc etc. They're always coming up with hair-brained schemes to make investment profits. In this past year, it's really been very amusing. But this one headline really took the cake.

The headline reads, "Shocking Oil Discovery Made Under Eiffel Tower"

and the sub-headline reads, "Dallas, TX Company preparing to legally "steal" $2.8 trillion in oil from the French"

Ah, great. More oil. As our world becomes more and more sicker for our addiction to oil, more oil has been found! And who better to SHAFT than the French, eh? How good it will be to steal from those frog-eating socialists who actually think health care is important.


Last night I went to see "This Is It", the documentary about the Michael Jackson show that wasn't to be. Aside from incredible music and dancing, I was very moved by the ending of the show, which I think was the only new song. The movie in the show was about the destruction of the rainforest, done very well I might add, with commentary by MJ interspersed with the music. His basic point is, if WE - meaning citizens of the world - don't do something to stop global warming, then nobody will. The governments obviously CAN'T. And if we don't take care of this issue, NOW, then nothing else is important, because we won't be here.

A football field a second.... that's what we're losing in the Amazon Rainforests, and have been losing for a very long time.

Well said! (I was a MJ hater; I really was, except that as a DJ I could ALWAYS use his music to get people up on the dancefloor, and since his death I have seen how deeply he has influenced millions upon millions upon millions of people in this world. Whatever he did or didn't do with little boys, as a musician he was the best we've seen in our lifetime, in that genre. And after seeing this movie, as a musician, I am truly humbled.)

So what should we do about a Texas Oil company that wants to drill for more oil in France? Or, about the Bureau of Land Management that wants to lease more gas fields in Wyoming? Or Chesapeake Energy that wants to come in to the Catskills, destroy our water so they can make profits on natural gas, which we don't even need because there's already too much natural gas in storage in this country?

Right now, people need to stand up and SHOUT, as loud as any Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly - SHOUT yourself heard. Talk about global warming every chance you can get - get evangelical about it - start learning how to reduce your carbon footprint TODAY, and DO IT. Teach it to your family, insist they make this a part of their daily routine. Take your money out of oil and gas investments, pour it into renewable energy. Drive less!!!!

Bottom line: Don't make it profitable for oil and gas companies to do any more drilling!! (Okay, that's ONE of the bottom lines...)

If you care about our world, the time for each of us to make a change is RIGHT NOW. Don't be lazy! It is a small sacrifice to make for your children, and your grandchildren etc, to alter your daily routines just a little bit!

This is NOT the world we grew up into. But it's a world that we must take care of.

- Use less energy
- Winterize your house
- Grow as much of your food as you can; eat locally grown food
- Plant trees
- Drive less
- Invest in renewable energy

And, perhaps most importantly, shine your love out onto the world as much as you possibly can!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On a More Positive Note....

Well, I have to say that I am really proud of the LOUD NOISE that people are making regarding the evils of Hydro Fracking!!! Wow, if I ever had a thought that Americans are not paying attention, I have had to readjust my views completely!

The outpouring of outrage at the potential poisoning of our waters has caused an ocean of uproar among a huge population, from New York City all the way north and west in this great state of New York. The education of our citizens, that our state Department of Environmental Conservation would pave the way for Chesapeake Energy (or any gas company) to come in here and destroy our LIVES has led to the following action:

1. Representative Maurice Hinchey of New York has persuaded Congress to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to study the safety of hydrofracking. (This is what the NYDEC said it COULD NOT do!) The EPA has indicated a willingness to do this, and says that it does have the resources to move forward with such critical research. Let's hope that we can get a moratorium on fracking while the research is in action!!

2. There are now at least 36 representatives who have signed on to sponsor the FRAC Act. This is perhaps the most important piece of legislation concerning hydrofracking, and it is my sincere wish that we can move this along in time to prevent any more Fracking from happening, anywhere in the US. If you haven't voiced your opinion yet, please tell your congresspeople to support the Frac Act!

3. Catskills Citizens for Safe Energy are now calling for the removal of Commissioner Pete Grannis and Division of Mineral Resources Director Bradley Field of the NYDEC. These two individuals have lied to us about the contents of fracking fluids and have attempted to fast-track HydroFracking operations with ZERO environmental review. They CANNOT be trusted with our human and environmental safety! Call Governor Patterson and demand for them to be FIRED!

So, what's next? The 2nd NYDEC hearing in NYC on Tuesday, November 10th at Stuyvesant HS Auditorium, 345 Chambers Street 10282. Doors open at 6pm so you can sign up to give comment, and doors open at 7pm for the session. Be prepared to stay late!!

The 3rd NYDEC hearing will be on Thursday November 12 at Chenango Valley HS Auditorium, 221 Chenango Bridge Road, Chenango Bridge NY 13901. Same times.

The final NYDEC hearing will be held on Wednesday November 18th at the Corning East HS Auditorium, 201 Cantigny Street, Corning NY. Same times.

We were almost completely civil at the first hearing, even though the representative from Chesapeake was lying through his teeth. There was only one person giving a comment who was vehemently pro-drilling and called the rest of us "environmental radicals". Yeah, OK; so I want to be able to drink my well water. That makes me a radical?

For now, I'm infinitely more positive that something good is going to come out of this mess. Perhaps there is a little more "transparency" than there was even a year ago. If we can win this battle, it will be forgotten soon, but it will last forever in the hearts of our children, and our children's children.

Another great online resource for information:
Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (http://www.catskillcitizens.org/)