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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Very Sad Story

There is a valley in Pennsylvania that was absolutely destroyed this past year by Cabot Oil and Gas, who made a horrible mistake and some of the fracking sludge got into the water table. It killed everything it touched - plants, water wildlife, and anything that came in contact with the water. It had previously been one of the most bio-diverse ecological systems in the entire state.

Well, the people who have been affected by this disaster have fought long and hard to hold on to their homes. They've had water delivered to their homes and have dealt with the toxic air quality.

Cabot was only able to drill vertical wells at Dimock, which are not as effective at extracting the gas. So now they've brought in 20 'mini-compressors' to help with the extraction process. The noise from the compressors is so loud, it's like standing next to a very loud blender on full power, and they run 24/7.

The people of Dimock realize they have lost their battle, and will have to leave their homes.

It's a very, very sad story. My heart goes out to you brave, brave people who have fought so hard!!!!

PLEASE Help Protect New York from this fate!!!!!!! Call your state senator and representative and them them this story!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gas Drilling Debate is Really Heating Up!

A lot of great stuff has happened in just the past few weeks.

Perhaps most importantly, the E.P.A issued a dire warning to NY State, saying, hydrofracking "would affect public health and the environment, and urged (NY) to undertake a broader study of the potential impact." You can read the full article here: EPA Advice to NY State

This past Monday, January 22nd, there was a well-attended rally in Albany to let our state government know that we oppose drilling. Even in the pouring rain, over 600 people converged to listen to a wide array of speakers, including legislators, who were eloquent and passionate. In the afternoon, about 300 of us lobbied senators to create a sense of urgency about the issue. There was some good press, but perhaps not quite enough. I know I learned a lot from the people who joined me from all across New York State. You can watch a video of the rally here: Albany Rally

One of the places that would be destroyed if hydrofracking were to go forward is Ithaca, perhaps one of the prettiest towns in NY. I just cannot wrap my head around the concept that the gas companies think it's okay to destroy an entire culture with their industrialization and pollution!

There was recently an article in the Wall Street Journal concerning hydrofracking in Louisiana, with a statement by Rex Tillerson (Exxon Chairman and Chief Executive): "We can now find and produce unconventional natural-gas supplies miles below the surface in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner." This is an example of the extent to which the gas companies are willing to lie to get what they want. There is nothing that is environmentally responsible about forcing millions upon millions of gallons of toxic sludge into the earth, having the gas hauled off by tens of thousands of 100-ton diesel-spewing trucks, and leaving the toxic sludge in "ponds" to evaporate into the air.

In all fairness, the article also listed some of the results of toxic accidents.

I also learned from the Chief of the Onandoga (Iroquois) Tribe that the water under New York State represents ONE QUARTER of all the fresh water in the US!! ONE QUARTER!! And they want to destroy that to get gas? NO! THAT IS BY ALL DEFINITIONS TERRORISM!!

If all of us do not raise our voice in unison, we will lose our homes. Please contact your state senator and representative - who will be in their home districts during winter break - and let them know that you want to keep your water, your air, and your environment safe from hydrofracking!!!!

Love and Light -

Sustain the World

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day of Action in Albany - MONDAY!

This Monday at 10:30 am, there will be a rally in Albany to protest the proposed Hydrofracking in New York State. Hundreds of concerned citizens will converge to tell our politicians that we are not interested in losing our water to the gas companies. In the afternoon, groups of us will meet with legislators to drive home the important points surrounding this issue.

Of course, the gas industry got wind of it and will have their own rally at the same time. And since they have money, we assume it will be well-attended.

But we think that our rally will be better, as all of us are chipping in for the cost of the rally and taking this day out of our lives to make an important point.

If you can join us, we will be at the State building. There will be many speakers and a fabulous sense of comeraderie!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Loud Noise from New York

So, it's the new year.... the time for public comments is over... and we have absolutely no clue what Governor Patterson is going to do about hydrofracking in NY States Marcellus Shale.

For now, Absolute Silence from Albany. Except for the fact that legistators, activist and concerned citizens from all over the state have teamed up as a unified voice against the deeply flawed Draft Supplemental put forth by the DEC last year. If Albany thought that we were going to just disappear because they've closed the comment period, they have another thing coming.

I had a couple responses to my youtube commentary (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d8hJzanUh0) from people who have had the WORST possible experiences with leasing their land.... one person had a well blow up while the drillers were out to lunch; another's house was condemned after the water started igniting in his kitchen. (Both people had to remove their comments because of fear of retaliation from the gas companies.)

I was just reading Nick Christof's blog today in the NYTimes about Costa Rica, which has made it's environment an absolute priority. Environment and education, which go hand in hand to creating a sustainable future for all. Consequently, Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries on earth!

What we're looking at here, concerning hydrofracking, is negligence of the highest order. Instead of preserving what we have left - meaning water, environment, and natural beauty - profit trumps all. In Patterson's fantasy life, anyway. Because there's no way NY State can come out ahead financially, when it will have to built umpteen water filtration plants and entirely new delivery system; fix infrastructures that are destroyed by the unbelievable truck traffic; and deal with the rash of illnesses that are caused by the contamination of water and air during the hydrofracking process.

Life is already so complicated and difficult and harsh. The US does not even have the storage facilities for natural gas at this point in time. There are so many reasons to NOT drill right now with this technology!

Governor Patterson, take a deep breath, and think about what really, truly matters.