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Friday, January 8, 2010

Loud Noise from New York

So, it's the new year.... the time for public comments is over... and we have absolutely no clue what Governor Patterson is going to do about hydrofracking in NY States Marcellus Shale.

For now, Absolute Silence from Albany. Except for the fact that legistators, activist and concerned citizens from all over the state have teamed up as a unified voice against the deeply flawed Draft Supplemental put forth by the DEC last year. If Albany thought that we were going to just disappear because they've closed the comment period, they have another thing coming.

I had a couple responses to my youtube commentary (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d8hJzanUh0) from people who have had the WORST possible experiences with leasing their land.... one person had a well blow up while the drillers were out to lunch; another's house was condemned after the water started igniting in his kitchen. (Both people had to remove their comments because of fear of retaliation from the gas companies.)

I was just reading Nick Christof's blog today in the NYTimes about Costa Rica, which has made it's environment an absolute priority. Environment and education, which go hand in hand to creating a sustainable future for all. Consequently, Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries on earth!

What we're looking at here, concerning hydrofracking, is negligence of the highest order. Instead of preserving what we have left - meaning water, environment, and natural beauty - profit trumps all. In Patterson's fantasy life, anyway. Because there's no way NY State can come out ahead financially, when it will have to built umpteen water filtration plants and entirely new delivery system; fix infrastructures that are destroyed by the unbelievable truck traffic; and deal with the rash of illnesses that are caused by the contamination of water and air during the hydrofracking process.

Life is already so complicated and difficult and harsh. The US does not even have the storage facilities for natural gas at this point in time. There are so many reasons to NOT drill right now with this technology!

Governor Patterson, take a deep breath, and think about what really, truly matters.


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