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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is Carbon Negativity?

When you use carbon (ie, oil, coal, gas) you're called "Carbon Positive". People who are carbon positive drive cars, use oil for heat, propane for hot water and grilling, etc. When you don't use any carbon, you're called "Carbon Neutral". These tend to be people who live in net-zero homes, it's a very new concept. And, when you don't use carbon but offset it with renewable energy, you're called "Carbon Negative".

There's an island in Denmark which produces 150% the energy it needs, and sells back that extra 50% (of completely renewable energy) to the grid, netting $6 million per year. For a community of 4,500 people, that's not bad income!!! $1,333 per person per year to be exact.

Why isn't the US leading the pack in Carbon Negativity? It's not like we lack the resources, or the technology, or the manpower... why are we dying a slow, painful death of carbon overload when we could be doing the exact opposite? Like this tiny little community of Danish farmers?

It's time to get yourself off oil. And gas, and everything in between. I have a consultation business in which I help people to live more sustainably, and I can help you change simple things in your life to tread more softly on the earth. Please visit http://www.worldlyvibe.com/sustainability.html.

Isn't it time to change?

The picture above is of a Windmill Expanse in Andalusia, Spain. It's owned and operated by a German energy company, who brings the energy back to Germany. Not ideal - but a start. And that's what we need - someone with the guts to just start the process of changing our reality from a carbon-based energy system to a renewable energy system.

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