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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On a More Positive Note....

Well, I have to say that I am really proud of the LOUD NOISE that people are making regarding the evils of Hydro Fracking!!! Wow, if I ever had a thought that Americans are not paying attention, I have had to readjust my views completely!

The outpouring of outrage at the potential poisoning of our waters has caused an ocean of uproar among a huge population, from New York City all the way north and west in this great state of New York. The education of our citizens, that our state Department of Environmental Conservation would pave the way for Chesapeake Energy (or any gas company) to come in here and destroy our LIVES has led to the following action:

1. Representative Maurice Hinchey of New York has persuaded Congress to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to study the safety of hydrofracking. (This is what the NYDEC said it COULD NOT do!) The EPA has indicated a willingness to do this, and says that it does have the resources to move forward with such critical research. Let's hope that we can get a moratorium on fracking while the research is in action!!

2. There are now at least 36 representatives who have signed on to sponsor the FRAC Act. This is perhaps the most important piece of legislation concerning hydrofracking, and it is my sincere wish that we can move this along in time to prevent any more Fracking from happening, anywhere in the US. If you haven't voiced your opinion yet, please tell your congresspeople to support the Frac Act!

3. Catskills Citizens for Safe Energy are now calling for the removal of Commissioner Pete Grannis and Division of Mineral Resources Director Bradley Field of the NYDEC. These two individuals have lied to us about the contents of fracking fluids and have attempted to fast-track HydroFracking operations with ZERO environmental review. They CANNOT be trusted with our human and environmental safety! Call Governor Patterson and demand for them to be FIRED!

So, what's next? The 2nd NYDEC hearing in NYC on Tuesday, November 10th at Stuyvesant HS Auditorium, 345 Chambers Street 10282. Doors open at 6pm so you can sign up to give comment, and doors open at 7pm for the session. Be prepared to stay late!!

The 3rd NYDEC hearing will be on Thursday November 12 at Chenango Valley HS Auditorium, 221 Chenango Bridge Road, Chenango Bridge NY 13901. Same times.

The final NYDEC hearing will be held on Wednesday November 18th at the Corning East HS Auditorium, 201 Cantigny Street, Corning NY. Same times.

We were almost completely civil at the first hearing, even though the representative from Chesapeake was lying through his teeth. There was only one person giving a comment who was vehemently pro-drilling and called the rest of us "environmental radicals". Yeah, OK; so I want to be able to drink my well water. That makes me a radical?

For now, I'm infinitely more positive that something good is going to come out of this mess. Perhaps there is a little more "transparency" than there was even a year ago. If we can win this battle, it will be forgotten soon, but it will last forever in the hearts of our children, and our children's children.

Another great online resource for information:
Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (http://www.catskillcitizens.org/)

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